TrackTiVi can answer these questions:

Social networks?

What Social Network are my app users using to share with friends?

Google Adwords?

Which Google Adwords Campain gives us the most users that are willing to pay for service.

Actions in my App?

How are points distributed in my app

Not just page views

For years, companies have been using page views as a primary measure of success. Page view counts are popular because they are easy to report, but in the end they cannot tell you how engaged your visitors are. TrackTiVi lets you measure what customers do in your app or website by reporting actions, not just page views.

A simple way to answer complex questions.

Working with data often means writing SQL queries, which is great for engineers but hard or impossible for everyone else. TrackTiVi’s segmentation tool simplifies queries by visualizing the questions you want to ask. Now analyzing your data is as easy as writing an email.

Powerful analytics

TrackTiVi power lies in giving you the ability to learn more from your data by being able to ask increasingly important and complex questions. Most analytics products limit insights to basic trend lines, showing for example “number of homepage visits” over time.

  1. Take actions

    You can empower your marketing team to take action on what they learn.

  2. Surveys

    Measure what people think and how they feel.

  3. Lifetime value

    Learn how much are your's customers worth.

  4. Activity feed

    Let your customer's actions tell their own story.

  5. People analytics

    Our targeting system makes it easy to see groups of users with similar profiles.

  6. Understanding

    TrackTiVi enables you to tie data to your users so you can see what they have done in your app.

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